Community Support Program

Our goal is to empower Hispanics to access the services and resources they need to thrive and become engaged in all aspects of society.

How we help our community:

  1. Protect and advance the rights of  Hispanics and immigrants in partnership with other organizations.
  2. Offer individualized assistance on a variety of issues including health, education, insurance, housing, food access, emergency assistance, taxes, civil and criminal law, worker issues, and financial and consumer concerns through problem solving, information and referrals.
  3. Help to secure important documents, such as DACA permit renewals, ITINs, medical financial aid, birth certificates, passports and more.
  4. Support families impacted by ICE raids, detentions and deportations by connecting them to legal services and other resources.
  5. Keep the community informed about their rights, local and state laws, and community events via workshops, social media, community outreach and at our office.
  6. Expand access to services through education, collaboration and advocacy. We work with other agencies and service providers to help them understand issues impacting Hispanics and revise policies or procedures that may prevent Hispanics from accessing services.
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