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Community Empowerment & COVID-19 Response

Our goals are to empower Latinxs to affirm their rights and access the services and resources they need to thrive.

Community Empowerment:

  • Individualized assistance, problem solving, and referrals on issues including health, housing, emergency assistance, education, justice system, workers’ rights, immigration, and more.
  • Help to secure important documents, such as DACA renewal permits, ITINs, birth certificates, and passports.
  • Support families impacted by ICE raids, detentions and deportations.
  • Keep the community informed about their rights, local and state laws, events and resources via workshops, social media, outreach and at our office.
  • Defend and advance the rights of Latinxs and immigrants.
  • Expand access to services through education and advocacy. We work with other agencies to revise policies or procedures that may prevent Hispanics from accessing services.

COVID-19 Response:

  • Advance health equity through partnerships with health care providers, nonprofits and governmental organizations.
  • Host mobile COVID-19 vaccine and testing clinics and distribute educational materials, masks, and home test kits.
  • Schedule vaccination or testing appointments and follow up to ensure that clients received services.
  • Submit applications for unemployment insurance, wage and hour complaints, FEMA‘s funeral assistance funds, and hospital charity care.
  • Offer financial assistance to families impacted by COVID-19 through our Solidarity Fund to prevent evictions or utility cutoffs.
  • Contract COVID-19 Lay Health Advisors to canvass Latinx neighborhoods to encourage their neighbors to get vaccinated, and distribute educational materials, test kits, and masks.
  • Distribute free home test kits and masks out of our office and community events.
  • Conduct community education about COVID-19 via social media, flyers, and events.
Questions? Need help? Please call us. 
Siler City office: 919-742-1448
Sanford office: 919-292-0177
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