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Children & COVID-19


Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is super important for children who are 6 months and older. It helps keep them safe from COVID-19 and any bad things that can happen because of it. 

Children who are 5 years and older will need to get 2 shots of the vaccine. If their immune system is not very strong, they might need an extra shot about 4 weeks later. And as time goes by, they will need more shots to stay protected, just like grown-ups do. So, getting the vaccine is a great idea to keep everyone healthy!

Is a COVID-19 Booster Shot the Same as an “Additional Dose”?

No. An additional dose is an extra dose of vaccine given as part of the primary series when a child is first vaccinated. 

Kids ages 6 months through 4 years with a weak immune system may need an additional dose. This depends on which vaccine they get:

  • Kids who get the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine get 3 doses in their primary series. This is true for both healthy kids as well as those with weak immune systems. No additional doses are needed for this group.
  • Kids who get the Moderna vaccine get 2 doses in their primary series. Kids with weak immune systems get an additional dose at least 4 weeks later.

Booster shots are not recommended for this age group.

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