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Apply Now ~ Solidarity Fund

The Chatham solidarity fund is accepting applications through May 20 from Chatham county residents.

The Fund is for persons WHO HAVE LOST THEIR JOB OR INCOME due to Covid-19 AND DON’T QUALIFY for the stimulus check or unemployment benefits.

Click here to complete an application (the deadline has passed, we’re no longer accepting applications)

If you need help to complete the form, we have bilingual volunteers on-call to assist you. Call 919-533-7406:
  • Saturday, May 9 – from 11 am to 8pm
  • Saturday, May 16 – from 11 am to 8pm
  • Applications will be reviewed at the end of May.
  • If you qualify, you’ll receive the contribution in June by mail.
  • The amount distributed will depend on how much money we raise
    and how many families qualify for help.
  • If you don’t qualify, we will inform you via email or text in June
Click here to contribute to the Fund

Our youth make us proud!

We are very proud of David Gonzalez and Oscar Manzanarez, members of our Orgullo Latinx Pride Youth Program, for being awarded major scholarships to attend college!

David Gonzalez received a $20,000 scholarship from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. He was accepted into several colleges and universities including Guilford College, UNC-Charlotte, East Carolina University, Methodist University, and more. He chose to attend the music program at UNC-Greensboro, which also awarded him the Burke Endowed Scholarship in Clarinet for his spectacular audition! Now, his entire college tuition is covered.

Oscar Manzanarez was also accepted at several colleges and universities including Guilford College, UNC-Greensboro, UNC-Wilmington, Elon, UNC-Charlotte, UNC-Chapel Hill, NC State University and Appalachian State. Oscar was awarded the ACCESS scholarship from Appalachian State University that covers his entire tuition. He’s awaiting responses from other scholarships and financial aid offers before making his final decision.

 Congratulations David and Oscar! We’re thrilled and very proud of you!

We did it!

Thanks to 187 awesome donors our Show the Love Campaign netted $14,900!  Thank you for standing with us!

Thanks to our supporters, in 2020 we will:

• Open our first satellite office in Sanford!

• Ensure that our community is counted in the Census

• Ramp up our GOTV efforts with calls, texts and social media.

• Offer election day transportation or interpreting.

• Empower 34 Latinx high school students to pursue a higher education

• Help families impacted by ICE raids, detentions or deportations

• Offer FREE consultations with immigration attorneys at our office

• Help DACA youth renew their permits at no charge

• Offer 900 adults and children guidance, referrals and problem solving.

The Liaison is here thanks to supporters who believe
in our quest for justice and dignity for all.

Sí, se puede! Mil gracias!


ATTENTION DREAMERS! We recommend that you RENEW YOUR DACA before June 2020 when it’s assumed that the Supreme Court will issue a decision about the program.

Call us at 919-742-1448 to make an appointment to renew your DACA FOR FREE!

If you’re a Chatham County resident, we can offer partial scholarships of up to $250 to help you pay the DHS fee. To apply, please complete this form. If you’re not a Chatham resident, please call us so we may refer you to other resources.

We also offer FREE CONSULTATIONS with immigration attorneys about other immigration issues. Call 919-742-1448 to make your appointment.

Free Immigration Legal Clinic

We now offer FREE consultations with immigration attorneys, FREE DACA renewals, citizenship applications, residency renewals and more!

We also offer partial scholarships for Chatham residents to help pay the DACA renewal fee. To apply, please complete this form. If you’re not a Chatham resident, please call us so we may refer you to other resources.

The legal clinic is held on Thursday afternoons at our office.  By appointment only.

Call us at 919-742-1448 to schedule your appointment. Leave a message and we’ll return your call.

Thank you to our immigration clinic volunteers:

Ashley Harris, Law Offices of Ashley Harris

Karina Garcia Herhusky, Herhusky Law Office

David Brown, Apex Immigration Services (BIA certified)

Mexican Consultate in Siler City

It is our honor to announce that the Mexican Consulate is coming to Siler City! The mobile service will be to help Mexican nationals apply for double nationality for their children.  Appointments are required, link below.  This is the only service that they will provide at this time.

Date:   Monday, February 10, 2020

Location:   El Camino UMC, 123 Chestnut St., Siler City ~ behind the post office

Time:   8am – 3pm by appointment only

For appointments: 

Show Your Love & Solidarity

Show your love & solidarity with immigrants this February!

In these difficult times for immigrants, The Liaison stands firm in its resolve to protect our community from the frequent assaults on our rights and dignity. We are here to bear witness. We are here to lend comfort. We are here to offer guidance. And we are here to empower our community.

The Hispanic Liaison depends on donors like YOU who believe in justice for immigrants. We welcome donations of any size. Every dollar truly makes a difference!

A huge thanks to the 135 supporters who have contributed $10,766 so far.

Can we count on you today? Our goal is $14,000 Valentine’s Day.

We need your help to $2,500 by this Friday, Valentine’s Day
so we can receive a $2,500 match!

Show your love & solidarity with a tax-deductible gift today
Donate here, or via Facebook, at our office or by mail:

Hispanic Liaison
200 N. Chatham Ave.
Siler City, NC 27344

You will make a difference in the lives of immigrants in Chatham County and beyond. Thank you!

When you stand with us:
  • You help Hispanic immigrants have a safe place to gather
  • You empower 34 Latinx youth to stay in school and pursue a higher education
  • You protect the rights of immigrants in our region and state
  • You help families impacted by ICE raids, detentions or deportations
  • You empower immigrants to engage in our democracy and organize for social change
  • You enable access to FREE consultations with immigration attorneys at our office and at the 4th LEGAL FAIR on Saturday, April 4 in Siler City
  • You help hundreds of adults, youth and children access the services they need to thrive
  • You spread the love to Sanford where we plan to open a new office
  • You join us in sharing our rich cultural traditions with the entire community at our Annual Hispanic Heritage Fiesta
Thanks to supporters like you, we will accomplish this and much more!

You can also help by spreading the word! Share it on social media and invite your friends to contribute.  

Make a gift today ~ donate here, via Facebook, at our office or by mail 

Hispanic Liaison
200 N. Chatham Ave.
Siler City, NC 27344

Mil gracias! 


Our youth go to college!

As a first-generation college student, I don’t have anyone to talk to about college. Being in Orgullo Latinx Pride, I can ask questions of my mentors who have been through the college process and that extra support helps me prepare for college.” ~ O., 11th grader

Our youth group, Orgullo Latinx Pride, empowers Latinx high school students to excel in school, pursue a higher education, expand their horizons and become involved in the community. We work with youth from 9th to 12th grades from Jordan Mathews High School in Siler City.

Most of our youth will be the first members of their families to attend college! They need extra support and encouragement to  apply for college, loans and grants. We help them through the entire college application process and take them on guided college tours.  For most, our college field trips are the first time that they visited a college campus. 

Last year, our youth participated in 38 weekly meetings, 14 weekly tutoring sessions, 22 field trips, 5 trainings, and 12 volunteer service projects. Together, they contributed 740 hours of volunteer service in our community! They make us proud every day!

We organized 8 college tours in 2018 and 2019! Scroll above for a few pictures, more can be found on Facebook

Thank you for helping our youth pursue their dreams! 

You can contribute to our efforts with a gift to our Show the Love Campaign.

Our goal is to raise $14,000 by Valentine’s Day.  Mil gracias!


Fair Housing Workshop

Did you know that tenants CAN’T be discriminated against for not speaking English or for having children?

Join us on MONDAY, DECEMBER 16 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM to learn about your rights as a tenant, laws against housing discrimination and where to find help if you were discriminated against. The workshop is FREE and will be presented in Spanish.

The workshop will be at 138 N. Avenue, Siler City, NC ~ at the Peppercorn Café, across from The Hispanic Liaison.

Questions? Call us at 919-742-1448 or email paola@evhnc.org


Lifetime Champion of Justice Award

CONGRATULATIONS to our fierce executive director, Ilana Dubester, for being honored with the Lifetime Champion of Justice Award this past Friday during the 2019 NC Justice Center Awards Dinner!

Each year, the NC Justice Center celebrates the work of outstanding leaders who are leading the fight for justice and equity in our communities. Congratulations to Ilana and the other amazing recipients!

We thank you and love you, Ilana  

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