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Chatham Solidarity Fund – still welcoming donations!

A collaborative fund of Chatham nonprofits

In Chatham County, we always step up to help our neighbors. In these challenging times, local families need your generosity and solidarity. Your donation to the Chatham Solidarity Fund will ensure that some of the most vulnerable families can make it through this crisis.  

Hundreds of our Chatham County neighbors will not receive a stimulus checks or unemployment benefits simply because of their immigration status, despite contributing federal, state, social security and other taxes. Their U.S. Citizen children are also being excluded from the stimulus benefits. Many of these families are out of work or had their work hours reduced.

Your donation will be shared directly with individuals and families in need. The amount distributed will depend on how much we are able to raise with your help.

Our goal is to raise $360,000. Can you help?
We’re asking that: 
1,000 people give $120
1,000 people give $240 
Will you be a part of the 2,000 generous people who share
their stimulus check with families in need? 

Please give as much as you can, we are grateful for ALL donations!

Help a vulnerable family in Chatham!  Contribute today and help us spread the word:
Hispanic Liaison
c/o Solidarity Fund
200 N. Chatham Ave.
Siler City, NC 27344
Thank you for your generosity!

Chatham residents financially impacted* by the pandemic AND who don’t qualify for the stimulus checks and/or unemployment benefits.

We recognize that there are many more families in need. Our intention is to ensure that families in Chatham are not left out simply because of their immigration status.

*Financially impacted are people who lost their jobs, had their work hours reduced or are self-employed and not able to exercise their profession (ex: house cleaners, food sales, childcare providers, etc.)

  • A committee will review the applications and oversee the distribution of funds.
  • Qualifying individuals and families will receive the money directly. They’ll decide how to spend it.
Unfortunately, we’re no long accepting applications for help. The application deadline was May 20.

The Solidarity Fund is being administered by The Hispanic Liaison, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.
EIN# 56-1974043.

Mass eviction struggle continues in Siler City

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Check out the top story in the N&O this Sunday. The struggle continues for fair compensation and to secure housing for over 100 adults and children being evicted by Mountaire poultry plant.

Do you want to help with this community crisis? Here are some of the ways:

Donate to the cause  ~ we need your help to continue empowering the community to stand up for their rights.

Let us know about affordable rentals, call us at 919-742-1448 ~ the families wish to stay in Siler City and need help finding places to live.

Sign up to volunteer  to help residents move out of their homes ~ there are elderly folks and single moms who don’t have access to trucks and need help to move their belongings.

Stay informed, sign up for our email list ~ learn about our plans to ensure that these and other low-income families have access to affordable and decent housing. We promise not to fill your inbox and never share your information with anyone.

A big thank you to all who joined us and the families at the public meetings, spoke out on their behalf or helped in other ways. The residents were moved by your solidarity and grateful to know that they are not alone. We are very grateful to the NC Justice Center  for their partnership and on-going legal assistance.


The Hispanic Liaison has been meeting with Johnson’s residents since August of last year, when we discovered that Mountaire Farms was going to purchase Johnson’s mobile home park and evict the residents of the 28 mobile homes.

Most of the homeowners are Hispanic and have invested an average of $10,000 per family in the purchase and repairs. Unfortunately, the homes will not be able to be moved due to their age.

The Liaison has helped residents articulate their needs and engage with Mountaire Farms in negotiations for a fair and just compensation for their losses and moving expenses. The negotiations started in January at a meeting between the residents, the company, and the town and county managers.

In March, we reached an impasse over the financial compensation amount and the residents took their case to the town and county commissioners, who have extended millions of dollars in incentives and infrastructure support to the company. You can witness their testimonies in our Facebook page

The Liaison and the families are united in our resolve to reach an agreement with Mountaire. We have a verbal agreement that the residents will not pay lot rent as of November and can move out by July 31st, instead of the original May 7th eviction notice. We hope to resolve this impasse and reach an amicable agreement with Mountaire very soon.




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