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We are pleased to announce that the families of Johnson’s Mobile Home Park have reached an agreement with Mountaire Farms on Monday, March 26! Scroll down for ways to help the families and support the cause.

Mountaire agreed to compensate mobile home residents at $8,300 per unit, payable in installments.  The residents will have until July 31 to move out and don’t have to pay lot rent, amounting to $1,890 in savings for those who stay through July.

The families are very grateful for the show of solidarity from the community and relieved that this aspect of their situation is now resolved.

This agreement was only possible due to the residents’ resolve to organize and the outpour of public support. We commend Mountaire Farms for listening to the families’ concerns, and for doing the right thing by increasing the compensation offer from $5,000 to $8,300.

Jonas N., a single mother and homeowner at Johnson’s said, “I want to thank Mountaire for helping our families. I’m also grateful to everyone who showed their support, especially The Hispanic Liaison who encouraged and helped us to stand up for ourselves.”

Jorge L., a homeowner and father of four, said “We are very grateful to The Hispanic Liaison for helping us to come together as a community. By standing united, we were able to face a powerful corporation and reach an agreement for fair compensation for our families”.  

The Liaison started meeting with the residents in August 2017. From the beginning, the residents have been united and determined to advocate for fair compensation for their families. They faced this crisis together with dignity and courage making all decisions collectively about the negotiations and strategies. We are proud of their courage to face Mountaire, the media, the public and our elected officials; something none of them had done before.

The Liaison is continuing to help the families to complete the agreements to receive their compensation, open bank accounts, find housing and move by July 31.

Do you want to help the community? Here are some of the ways:

Donate to the cause we need your help to continue empowering the community to stand up for their rights and to assist these families to look for housing. We also welcome donations by check.

Let us know about affordable rentals, call us at 919-742-1448 ~ the families wish to stay in Siler City and need help finding places to live.

Sign up to volunteer  to help residents move out of their homes ~ there are elderly folks and single moms who don’t have access to trucks and need help to move their belongings.

Stay informed, sign up for our email list ~ learn about our plans to ensure that these and other low-income families have access to affordable and decent housing. We promise not to fill your inbox and never share your information with anyone.

Thank you to all who joined us and the families at the public meetings, spoke out on their behalf or helped in other ways. The residents were moved by your solidarity and grateful to know that they are not alone. We are very grateful to the NC Justice Center  for their partnership and on-going legal assistance.

Thank you! 

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